DX Elite Series

Document Express provides highly skilled resources that allow you to escape the burden of maintaining your documents. We work as hard as you do to get your loans closed. We understand our role is to deliver compliant, secure, high quality lending documents that give you the freedom to focus on closing and funding more loans profitably. With a team of dedicated professionals assigned to your account, you will think of us as your document preparation department down the hall.

At Document Express we understand that every lender has different needs and requirements and that your document provider should work alongside you. We personally take the time to understand the challenges you are facing and work to find a document solution that is right for you. The Document Express DX Elite Series combines state-of-the-art technology solutions with an engaging user experience to provide you best in class: Initial Disclosures, Closing Documents, High Cost/Predatory Lending Analysis and Flood Determinations.

DX Initial Disclosures DX Closing Documents DX Flood Zone Determination
eSign Services DX High Cost/ Predatory
Lending Analysis
DX Secure Electronic Delivery

Additional Package Services

The following additional packages are available to DX clients for an additional cost:

  • Pre-Application Disclosure Package - Consisting of Pre-Qualification Letters and State/Federal Disclosures required to be given prior to taking an application, including any client custom forms.
  • Re-disclosure Package - Consisting of the Good Faith Estimate and Truth-in-Lending Disclosure and any client custom forms.
  • Pre-Closing Package - Consisting of Lock-In Agreements, Commitment Letters and Agreements, HUD-1 Settlement Statement, any State Disclosures required to be given prior to closing but after application and any client custom forms.
  • Post-Closing Packages - Consisting of any Assignments to the Mortgage/Deed/Security Deed, Note Allonges, Servicing Transfer Notices, Goodbye Letters, Investor-specific docs and any client custom forms.
  • Adverse Action Packages - Consisting of a Credit Denial Letter or Counter Offer Statement, and any client custom forms.
  • Release Packages - Consisting of a Mortgage or Deed of Trust Release and any client custom forms.

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    DX Initial Disclosures:
    In today's lending environment lenders are looking for ways to reduce costs and meet constantly changing regulatory requirements while moving the origination process forward. Document Express delivers DX Initial Disclosures to simplify the creation, transmission, and tracking of disclosures. Lenders can reduce the cost of paper, printing, postage and excessive overnight fees, not to mention manpower, by avoiding the need to print and mail disclosure documents. Borrowers can now instantly receive their disclosures electronically, significantly reducing costs while ensuring compliance. The end result is a streamlined borrower experience that keeps the origination process moving forward.